Find the loan that fits you and your circumstances

(amounts and terms based on your credit score)
Specializing in unsecured home improvement loans,  Fast Credit decisions.
*Apply through Chux Reconstrux
*Apply through Chux Reconstrux
A credit card- typically for lesser amounts.
Fast Credit decisions. Up to $35k
*Apply through Chux Reconstrux
(based on the value of your home minus your outstanding mortgage and other factors)
These Credit Unions offer Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) up to 100% of the value of the home
or fast approval Personal Line of Credit (LOC) up to $15k
*Apply at any CACU branch office or online at:
 **quick and easy direct transfer funds to Chux Reconstrux from your CACU loan account over the phone or at any branch location
Specializes in Home Equity loans for home improvement
High LTV loans (Appraisals done based on the finished value of the home up to 120% LTV)
*Chux Reconstrux starts the process, then the lender will contact you after the initial submittal
Find out about 203k and HomeStyle HUD loans
Expert and Competitive lending for New Home Building, Refinance, Equity Line of Credit, First Buyer
Contact Rob Vejar (Leawood branch office) or at
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